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How to built PR7 Dofollow Backlink from Amazon

Amazon is an online store, where you can find and buy items, but do you really know that you can get a do-follow backlink from amazon, am sure you don't.

Dofollow Backlink

So today I will show you some step you need to follow to get PR7 do follow backlink from amazon.

I always look for a way to get do-follow backlink, because the more do-follow backlink you got, the more you will rank in google. is very easy to get a no-follow backlink, but getting a do-follow backlink is hard. because a lot of websites have stopped giving do-follow.

this method I found on amazon will definitely get you a do-follow backlink.

Let started.

go to and create an account if you don't have one already, but if you have an account you can sign-in and go to this page Here and click the add to chrome. but this tools is now only available for google chrome, So you need to use google chrome browser.

now open your website, you can create backlink for your main page and you can also create backlink for one of your content, this's one of my pages I want to create a backlink too.

Dofollow Backlink

once you open the page you want to create a backlink for, now you need to click on the add to wish list in your browser toolbar, which you added to your browser from the previous step. once you click on that button, you will see a small pop-up on your right side as seen below,

Dofollow Backlink

you can add your link to that page in the comment box below or you can write a small post if you which, after that click on the add to wish list button, now you can check your link to know maybe it's do-follow or no-follow by clicking at the new wish list below. 

Dofollow Backlink

now you can see my URL, is a clicked URL pointing to my site.

Dofollow Backlink

to know if your link is do-follow or no-follow just left click and select inspect element, wow is a do-follow, I can't see any no-follow tag in it.

Dofollow Backlink

okay, guys, that is my little tricks of getting a doffollow backlink to your site from amazon, don't misuse this method by adding all your URL. see you on my next update by subscribing to my email list.

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