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A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

I will be showing you some static that you can use to get your site ranking faster and make you more money than ever before.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

Is no secret that this day every website on the planet is obsessive with building up a page for their site on facebook, twitter, Pinterest and every social network out there. however, most websites have no idea that they can actually use their social profile to get all most every site ranking in the top stop of Google.

In fact, with just a few decent social profile you can do a think like:

1) Automate your entire link building process and drive hundred of powerful backlink to every page of your site from some of the biggest Authority site in the world

2) Drive hundred of reshares and natural social signals to every page of your site.

3) Take the hassle and time out of SEO by getting your follower to do the hard work for you.

Now, let me show you how it work

Let say that I have a WordPress power site that is promoting health & fitness stuff, for example, let pretend it called and I have a page set-up for my healtandfitnessstuff site on all of the big social network out there including facebook, twitter, Pinterest, tumbler, and Google-plus.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

And let say each of this pages as thousand of  target niche related follower that love fitness stuff, 

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google
A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

Now here is how you can use this profile to get your site dominating the search engine, the social network and basically whole of the internet for health and fitness. what you need to do is to find products that.

* Target a keyword that get searched.

* That Are "cool" enough to get share on the social network

For example, you could add a page about this fitness Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android from amazon affiliate program that payout about 10% on every sale. the reason why you want to add this product is because is both target keyword which Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android that get around 150 searches a month.

And it also cool and interesting a enough that people will reshare it all over the social network. So to profit from this product all you need to do is simply make a post about it on your site with a nice big picture of it, and a bit of text about it and then you can just share it out to all of your establish social network with thousand of follower.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

Here is what happen after that, because your profile all full of niche related follower that are interesting type of stuff, tons of them will reshare that products with their friends.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

And then a bunch of their friend will reshare with their friends and their friends will reshare with their friends and so on.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

Let say that about 20 people reshare the product on twitter, 20 people reshare on Google-plus, 20 people reshare on Pinterest, 70 people reshare on tumbler and 100 people reshare on facebook.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

then keep in mind that this number are easily achievable and often there will be a lot higher too, now this all add up to +250 RESHARES which is a ton of social signal and it will give you a massive in the search engine. But on top this you also actually scoring +250 instant Backlink to that product from some of the authority sites in the world.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

the reason for this is because every time somebody reshares your link on one of this social site it gets reported to their profile on that site and it actually counts as another backlink. this backlink from socail site alone is an enough to get that product to the first page of google.

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

which is not bad considering is only take you a second to promote it. but it just not ends there because people will also find this product on this social site and repost the link to them to other places all over the web.

For example, people with a healt&fitness related blog might see this Wahoo TICKR Heart Rate Monitor for iPhone & Android on their favorite social network and include a link to it in one of their blog post. or one of your followers might decide to post it in the fitness section of Reddit. 

A Simple Way To Rank #1 In Google

in fact I guarantee you will be totally surprised at some of the places that your links start to pop up if you do this correctly. by using this technique you'll be able to easily, quickly and almost effortlessly get hundreds or even thousand of powerful backlinks and social signals to every product on your site.

And as a result, this will give each of those pages 

* A flood of visitors.
* A heap of social signals.
* Top ranking in the search engines.
* And of course...a TONNE of sales.

and all of this is without you having to build a single backlink yourself. this might seem quite simple but it really is the fastest and most powerful way to get your site ranking and banking that I've ever come across. and once you start doing it I guarantee you will never look back.
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