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How to Get FAST Organic Traffic To Your Site

Today i will show you how to quickly get more Organic traffic to your site without backlink, Content or Social Shares, the secret is a new strategy called CLICK MAGNET METHOD, I recently use this strategy to help take one of my sites to number 5 spot in google for that keyword.

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Saturday, 22 April 2017

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Just about every blogger I know constantly searches for tips, tricks, and tools to make their blogging process easier. The 16 online tools listed below have been an enormous help to me, a busy guy blogger. I’m hopeful that you’ll discover some tools that will help you, too!
16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

1. PicMonkey

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

PicMonkey is free, web based, and FUN! Edit your photos with this tool or play around with the effects, text, and shapes. A must have
tool for bloggers!

2. Polyvore

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

At first glance, it may appear that Polyvore is geared toward fashion bloggers only, but don't be fooled! Any kind of blogger can use Polyvore to create fantastic product collages, color collages,
or themed collages. 

Just drag and drop product photos, text, shapes, or textures onto a set and then save and embed into your blog.

3. Animoto

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Especially fun for those who blog about their families, Animoto allows users to create video slideshows and set them to music. This tool is great for putting photos from vacations or other
family events into a short slideshow.

The lite version allows users to create 30second
videos for free! Fun!

4. SnapWidget, Instagme, or Statigram

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Want to share your Instagram photos with your blog readers? It’s easier than you think!.


5. YouTube

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Have a limited time to create blog posts? Give yourself a time limit and play beat the clock! Create a playlist of instrumental music (or whatever music inspires you) and determine to finish your blog post before the playlist finishes. Of course, this idea works with any sort of playlist program/software that you might already be using.

6. Simply Noise

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Playing white noise while working on blog posts helps some bloggers block out distracting noises. Simply Noise provides three different types of noise: white, pink, and brown. I like to listen to white noise in my earphones while I’m working on writing projects.

7. Coffitivity

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

If you find yourself most productive in a coffee shop environment (with some ambient noise), you’re going to love Coffitivity! According to their website, Coffitivity provides just “enough noise
to work.” You’ve got to try it!

8. MindMeister

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

This mind mapping tool is extremely helpful during the brainstorming phase of writing a blog post. When I am preparing for an upcoming blog post, I like to capture every related idea that
comes into my head, whether those ideas ever make it into my blog post or not. MindMeister’s free version allows you to create (and save) up to three mind maps. Paid versions are available from $4.99 per month and up, but I’ve always found the free version sufficient for my needs.

9. Savefrom

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

If you've ever watched a YouTube or Vimeo video and wished you had a way to remember certain parts of the video later, you're going to love savefrom! Simply load the video on the left side and prepare to take notes on the right side. As soon as you see or hear a point that you want to remember later, begin typing a note in the whiteboard. At the precise time that you start typing, savefrom will document the timestamp on the video.

Access the results later in Google Drive, and you can zip right through the video, hitting only the spots you wanted to remember.
This tool is great for watching informational videos about blogging, photography, web design, etc.

10. Feedly 

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Feedly is the RSS feed reader that I migrated to after Google Reader shut down. I really like the clean interface. I do most of my feed reading on my smartphone. The Feedly Android app is great!

11. Evernote

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Some bloggers use Evernote to track blogging ideas as they come to mind, and others even write their blog post drafts in Evernote! I love this tool because my notes are available on all of my devices and on the web!

12. Pinterest

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Most bloggers are familiar with Pinterest, but I love using Pinterest’s secret boards to keep track of blogging design ideas that I want to try. Another way I use secret boards is to snap photos (with my phone camera) of cool design ideas in magazines or books. I upload the photo to a secret Pinterest board so that I can remember the idea later.

13. Gravatar

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Give your blog comments a face with Gravatar (globally recognized avatar)! Simply sign up for a Gravatar account using the email address that you’ll be commenting on.

Upload a photo so that people will begin to associate your comments with your face (or whatever
image you upload). This is a great way to brand yourself!

14. Jing

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

Sometimes a blogger needs to show readers exactly how something is done online. A screencast tool like Jing allows readers to see your desktop as you navigate through a website, piece of software, etc.
Jing is a free download, but users are limited to 5minute screencasts. 

You can host the screencasts for free on Screencast.com.

15. MailVU

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

MailVU is a fun, free way to send video messages directly to a person's email inbox. Of course, video messages are fun to send to friends and family, but bloggers can use video messages as

One way I’ve used MailVU is to send a video message to each person who subscribes to my mailing list. While this does take time (and access to a webcam), the recipients of my video messages almost always thank me for the personal touch that a video message brings.

16. Grovo

16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers
16 Free Online Tools for Busy Bloggers

If you’re looking for helpful tutorials about online tools or websites, give Grovo a try! Watch lessons about sites like Blogger, Chrome, Craigslist, Etsy, Evernote, Facebook, Feedly,
Instagram, WordPress, etc. (and I only scratched the surface with that list).

Grov is like a free online university for Internet tools! Very cool!

I hope you enjoyed this free tools

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Pinterest is a tool to help connect people with their product and drive traffic back to your site. and that is why is so valuable. for those of you who still new to Pinterest, let me just talk a little bit about it.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Pinterest in a social bookmarking site where users share a photo they find around the web, what make Pinterest difference from some of the other social bookmarking sites is that, is all about posting a picture with a minimum of text. because is a social site, you can follow other users, you can repin things, you can like them. and then it connects with other social media, you can push out what you are pinning or liking on to twitter and facebook.

 As you probably know by now Pinterest is huge and is a social networking site where people share images and it as millions of users. in this article, I will show you how you can easily build up a massive niche related following on Pinterest and how you can use that following to send traffic, sales, and backlink to your site.

Let Get Started

Here is my simple 3 step to building up massive Pinterest account

Step One

Set up a Pinterest account, nothing complicated to do, just go to https://www.pinterest.com/join and registered a new account, enter your site data and upload a picture, just like the other stuff you will do when setting up any other social network account.

Step Two

Do a search on Pinterest for your niche, if you are into fitness, weight loss, make money online, internet marketing, etc. you can simply search for it.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Next, clink the people button to see the list of other Pinterest account that related to your niche. from the above screenshot you can see a bunch of making money online related account.

What to do is to find niche related account that has a lot of followers. one of the niche related accounts below have 35,000 following, so it looks perfect, clicks on it, to get to the profile page, then from there just click on the follower button.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

because of this people are following another make money online related account, is obvious they want to learn about make money online and these people will be extremely likely to actually follow your account and also share your stuff. and to get these people to follow your account, all you need to do is to follow them all.

just go through the list and start following them one by one, many of this people will see that you have followed them because your account are also in their niche they interested in. and tons of them will follow you back, you can follow 300 people at a time and it wouldn't be long before you start getting your first followers.

Pinterest Marketing! How To Get Pinterest Followers

Now if you just spend a few minute doing this every day until you follow 10 thousand of people, then by that stage you should have at least 2 - 3 thousand new niche related followers that are really interested in the stuff you want to post. And by this stage your page to start to grow organically as people naturally find your Pinterest account.

Step Three

Try to pin a lot of stuff, every time you add a new content to your site may sure you have a nice image on that page, then just pin that image and make sure you have a link to your page in your description. and every time you submit a piece of content, you just got a backlink from a huge authority site. 

well, that is really just a beginning, because every time someone repins one of your content, that link will get to their profile and you will score another backlink. if you submit a piece of content that repins 20 time that means is been reported to 20 difference profile and you just got 20 new back backlinks.

But, you will also get free traffic and sales from Pinterest especially if you are targeting a niche that popular on Pinterest, like fashion or health or cooking. you can also submit your youtube video if you have a channel and get backlink, views, and subscriber from there too.

Again, this's  very powerful if you have a youtube channel about a niche that is popular on Pinterest, and as you share more content from your account and more people reshare your stuff more new people will find and follow your account.

that is all you have to do to set-up a big Pinterest account that you can use over and over again to drive traffic, backlink, and sales to your site. Good Luck.....

Monday, 17 April 2017

Finally! The Best FREE TRAFFIC Strategies That Works

Here is the mistake that I did when I first started online, I use to sit around because I heard facebook have 800 million members, that the traffic is there and is the number one website in the world. I use to sit in front on my computer, well maybe you do the same thing, I wasted too much time on facebook by posting things on facebook hoping to get the traffic that I want because I know that the key to online marketing success is driving highly targeted traffic. 

I was thinking, the number on facebook can get me the traffic that I want and I sat there for an hour.

Finally! The Best FREE TRAFFIC Strategies That Works

But one day I remember speaking to one of my online friends, we were talking about the situation that I was not really producing the result that I wanted too, but I was producing some result but no really to the level that I wanted too. and he gave me some advice.

He said to me, what are you doing, and I told him what I was doing by posting to group and fan pages, He said, what you are doing is all well and good you can get traffic there. but there is a distinguishing you need to be aware of, but I really don't get the way he put it to me. and the way he put it was like this. Social Media is great, facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, all this social media strategy are Good but They are HERE & NOW traffic.

When i head that concept HERE & NOW what is that mean, and what that means is that if you put it here and whatever you get is gonna be here & now, is like if you add a post to a group and somebody else put another post, your message will drop down, if somebody else continue putting their post, your message will disappear. 

It depends on traffic the group is getting, your post can be at the top for a minute or for just seconds. Social media, for the most part, is something that is a here & now traffic strategy, is something that can produce an immediately result or you can just be posting things and vanish in front of the screen in a matter of seconds or minute. but social media marketing is good obviously is really Good. but there is a limitation to it.

He said, What you need to add to your marketing traffic strategy is the THEN AND THERE traffic technic. THEN AND THERE traffic strategies produces long-term residual effects. they don't have the immediately affect HERE & NOW have.

On social media, if you post in front of 20,000 people and who ever want to react now will react. the people that are making the big money online are using both they are combining both for those strategy to produce the result they are looking for.

I have listed some top article below which you may want to check out. the article will change the method you use to drive traffic to your site.

1. How To Build Your Website Traffic From Zero To 5,000 Daily Readers

2.  How To Drive Crazy Traffic With Reddit!

3.  96 Website To Submit A Gust Post For Traffic

4. Top 3 Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!

5. How To Increase Traffic To Your Website Using Video

6. 100 Way To Generate Massive Traffic To Your Website

the strategy here is to have a link on Authority site and link back to your site. for example, a yahoo answer is a place where people ask questions, you can have a link there that drive traffic back to your information site, sales page or blog site. 

Top 3 Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!

In this article, I will talk about three good simple way that you can use viral marketing to drive more traffic, backlink, and sales to your website, I will just give you a good example how to do it. it doesn't involve spending days making the perfect viral video, you don't have to make your own video and you don't have to write an incredible content. I know this may sound too good to be true, just read on and I will change the way you think about viral marketing.

Top 3 Viral Marketing Techniques For Driving Traffic!

What I want to show you how to do in this article is to take advantage of content that is already going viral, you don't have to create a content and then just hope it go viral. you are going to use content that already goes viral and then post that content to your site.

but for this to work, you have to build up your social profile, you don't have to have hundred thousand follower, but you need at list a few thousand follower.

And they have to be a real follower, niche related follower, they can't  just be fake/bot follower you bought from other site or I follow back fan. once you have your social profile build up and next step is to create a viral content and send it viral to the social profile.

Here is the three real example how this can be don

1. The Viral News Story

all you have to do is to find a viral news story that is related your niche and rewrite it, So to do this just go to news.google.com and then do a search for your niche. if you have a weight loss site you can just search for weight loss, then go through the story and find the one that has eyes catching headline. but most importantly is a ton of share. most news site will show you the amount of share an article got. 

look for a story that has thousand of share across the social network. then you can simple rewrite this article and post it to your blog, add images, add eyes catching headline and also post it to your social account. Obviously, the bigger your social account are, the more viral it will go. which is why building up a social account is so important.

this is not bad anyway, because if you look at most big news site you often see then post the same story, but writing differently, because that is what viral at the moment, I have seen many video and story go viral on Reddit and then in two hours later is on the front page of yahoo news. that is how the big boy does it, and there is no reason you can't do it also.

But if you are too lazy to write an article, well this's what you can do.

2. The Viral Video

when a lot of people think a viral video marketing, they alway think about creating their video and spending all of their money and time to create a perfect viral marketing video. but the much easier way to reach the power of viral video marketing is to find another niche related viral video that is already going viral, and then post them to your blog or post them to your social account.

All you have to do is to search around on youtube for your niche and find a video that has million of views, or you can go to Reddit and find a lot of niche related video that going viral there.  then just copy the video on youtube with Embed code, and post it to your blog, add image and description.

3. The Infographic

I know you have heard a lot about infographic, the cool thing about infographic is that the people who create them don't mind if you use it on your own blog, they actually wanted you to post there infographic to your own site, because they place a little link to their site at the button of the infographic. is a win-win situation, you will get the free content that you can use on your site and they get a little bit promotion.

Again, all you have to do is to find a viral infographic and post it to your blog and your social account.

apart from the free traffic you actually getting by posting out this viral article, you will also get bigger benefit, which is the SEO benefit for posting out this content, if you don't know what SEO means, well it means that this viral marketing article will help you to rank in google, but posting this article will get you many social share and backlink to you site, and is very easy and fast to do this way than by building all of the link yourself.

Saturday, 15 April 2017

How To Build Your Website Traffic From Zero To 5,000 Daily Readers

As I stated, this Article is all about traffic which will help you build your list much faster – you do not NEED this article in order to make ad swaps and list building work, but with this, it is much easier and the results can come much faster. In this article, you will find extremely effective sources for getting some awesome traffic
to your site which should allow you to build your list at a super fast pace. 

How To Build Your Website Traffic From Zero To 5,000 Daily Readers

Several of these methods are free and several you will have to pay a little bit for. The best thing to do is to test each source out before you go all in on it. As the saying goes, don't put all your eggs in one basket. 

I always keep this in mind which is why I always look for ways to get consistent traffic to my blog so if one source goes bad or slows down, I have all the others still bringing in traffic on a daily basis.

The main goal here is to get a bunch of traffic sources together and have them all working for you at the same time so you can generate a consistent flow of traffic to your
webpage or whichever site you wish.

Method 1:  Internet Marketing Forums

These are the highest traffic forums that I have found to date.

A. Sign up at WarriorForum.com if you are not already a member.

Now, make a post in the War Room about your giveaway. On the download page you MUST have a link to download the product directly, but what you will also want to do is put in an opt-in form for future updates. I have found that people will still opt in even if
they are not forced to.

B. Sign up at http://www.internetmarketingforums.net/

C. Sign up at http://forums.digitalpoint.com/

D. Sign up at http://www.imtalk.org/

E. Check out http://im4newbies.com/forum/

Make sure to upload a signature into each forum. Then what you want to do is make useful posts. This means if you are going to make a post then make sure someone will find it useful. If they do, they will likely take a look at your signature (which should
include a link to your webpage) and they'll sign up for your newsletter.

Make 2 posts per day per forum ( 10 total posts per day)

TIP: The Key to Success using Forums is to stick to a schedule. It can be tempting to browse forums all day long and before you know it you have not done any work. Set a time limit per forum and stick to it so you can get your posts made.

Method 2:  Document Sharing Sites

I have used this method numerous times and seen traffic within days. Here is what you need to do to make it work...

Step 1: Get an article about your niche

Step 2: Download OpenOffice.org (free)

Step 3: Turn your article into a PDF file

Step 4: Upload the document manually to these sites


Step 5: (optional) For increased traffic, look up a gig on Fiverr.com where someone will submit your document to 20+ document sharing sites.

Method 3:  Warrior Forum War Room FREE Traffic

I've done this quite a few times. The idea here is to create a short report (make it something that you would actually sell) and then make a post in the War Room at the Warrior Forum.

Here's what to do:

1. Create the product

2. Create a download page

3. Make the post in the War Room stating you are giving this product away to War Room members

4. On the download page offer a BONUS if they opt into your list.

Method 4  : Create a Bonus Report For A MerchantDownload Page

This method is something not many people do.
The idea: Create a 10 - 15-page report that will compliment someone else's PRODUCT. 

The reason you want to get your bonus on their PRODUCT download page is because the people view that page are already BUYERS. If they opt in to get your bonus then
you just got a BUYER onto your list!

Ask the product owner if they want to do a download page swap or if they just want to place a link to your bonus on their thank you page, download page, or email sequence.

The reason it works. Many marketers will always send something to their list if it is quality and it relates to their niche. This way they don't have to come up with content and they build a relationship with their list by sending them some quality information.

Step 1: The best way to go about this is to open up a notepad and start looking at people in your niche that have their own products. Every time you get sent an email about a product, check it out and make note of the owner.

Step 2: Ask them if there is something, in particular, they would like to have as a bonus. Many people will give you some ideas and then you can start the bonus report.

Step 3: Create the report. Make it good enough that you would actually sell it as a stand-alone product.

Step 4: Create an opt-in form for your new bonus.

Step 5: Create the download page for your bonus. Here's the KEY to getting other people to accept your bonus. On the Bonus Page, title it something like

"Welcome (Marketer's Name) Customers!"


Tell the visitors that they can download the bonus below BUT also give them the option of opting into your list to receive updates and extra tips or tricks about your niche and possibly an EXTRA BONUS.

Step 6: Contact as many product owners as you can and either do a thank you page or download page swap or just see if they would be willing to post your bonus on their page.

If they ask why they would do that, you simply tell them, "It is a free download with great content for your customers/subscribers and they only have to opt in if they want to.

Giving away free reports without forcing someone to opt in really builds a good relationship with them.

Method 5: Articles Marketing

You can hire someone to write articles for you. make sure they knew that the articles needed to be original and needed to be

Here are the top article directories that you should focus on submitting content to:


Here are a few freelance marketplaces that will help you get started in finding the perfect writer for your niche markets:


It took awhile to get them all approved, but once they were live you will saw a huge surge in traffic to your webpages which resulted in a load of new subscribers and OTO sales.

Method 6:  Directory:

With online directories, you can add your website into specific categories and instantly establish back links to your website, just be careful not to over-do it! check our the top directories below


Method 7:  Social Bookmarks:

Here are the top 10 social bookmarking websites for generating fresh backlinks to your site. All of these contain DO follow, ensuring links leading to your website will count within the search engines as a valid backlink:

- http://slashdot.org (PR9)
- http://digg.com (PR8)
- http://technorati.com (PR8)
- http://www.furl.net (PR7)
- http://www.backflip.com (PR7)
- http://www.hugg.com (PR7)
- http://www.mixx.com (PR7)
- http://ma.gnolia.com (PR7)
- http://www.connotea.org (PR7)
- http://mystuff.ask.com (PR7)

Method 8:   Blogger & Wordpress

Blogger, found at http://www.Blogger.com is a great way to generate quick traffic from Google by creating high-quality blog pages, complete with article content and direct links to your websites. Wordpress, found at http://www.Wordpress.com offers equal space, giving you the opportunity to build quality blog pages that attract organic traffic quickly.

The idea is to spend time developing a quality blog. You want to include 3-4 articles per blog, linking back to your squeeze or sales page, while utilizing optimization strategies to ensure your blog page is prominently featured in the major search engines (where you’ll receive the majority of your traffic initially).

I hope you enjoyed the read and even more, I hope you take action and start using these methods to attract visitors to your webpage.