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SEO Content Tutorial - How To Create And Optimize Content For SEO (part 2)

This tutorial is about creating a new page for a specific keyword on your existing website and then rank for it or creating a new website for that specific keyword. going to talk about How to choose what to you should create and where to publish it, and optimize it for your target phrase. if you have done the keyword research, you got a target phrase and you need to make a page that is highly optimized around that targeted phrase. you need that page to rank as high as possible. 

SEO Content Tutorial

Read the first article: SEO Content Tutorial - How To Create And Optimize Content For SEO 

Third-Part Site Ideas

* Youtube: publish on youtube can be a great way to get traffic to your web page and can also help you to rank better in the search engine. just make sure to use the title of your videos as the keyword you are targeting, and at the end of the video tell people to go to your site in the description to get the next information they needed. 

* Guest Blogging: don't underestimate the power of writing a blog post on somebody else site, because blog site are very often looking for fresh content, and it can be so much effective to write a really good blog post and publish it to a site that is already seen by thousand of people than to publish it on your own site that is not gonna be seeing by anybody yet.

if you are trying to build up your own site, you should be adding good content to it, but in other to get many people coming to you, then do consider posting content on other people site/blog and make sure there is a link pointing back to your site.

* Press Releases: if you write a good press release and that press releases contain links then that content can get pick up by multiple outlets and it can get published in dozens of places

Link On Rule

Am not talking about link building here, what I want to talk about is traffic. the most vital things are, whatever content your are creating, try to include a link to your next-step content. if you are creating a step one page then at the end of the article you need to add some useful next links you recommend to your readers. when people come to step one content then link them to step two content

Idea For Content

You don't have to be a creator, all you have to do is add value, you don't have to know everything in particular or be an expert on day one. just find a different way to add value, think of yourself as an editor/Journalist/host/curator. you can collect information from other places and arrange it to be more useful.

think about the top10 list, think about the 5 most influence people, you could do interviews, why not approach people, ask them their success and their failure, get them to talk about themselves, everyone like to talk about themselves and then you can write that up as an interview and if you got a famous name on it that people are searching for, then you just have a great content on your hand.

you can also invite Guest post, this may not be so easy if you are starting afresh. just keep this in mind, the more value you give, the more people will value you and the more value you will seem to have.

that is my SEO Content Tutorial folks, hopefully, you learn something new from this

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

SEO Content Tutorial - How To Create And Optimize Content For SEO

This tutorial is about creating a new page for a specific keyword on your existing website and then rank for it or creating a new website for that specific keyword. going to talk about How to choose what to you should create and where to publish it, and optimize it for your target phrase. if you have done the keyword research, you got a target phrase and you need to make a page that is highly optimized around that targeted phrase. you need that page to rank as high as possible. 

Thursday, 13 July 2017

How To Rank For ANY Keyword In Google

Today I'll give you my answer to the big question how to rank number one in Google for any keyword. to rank for any keyword in Google is not that simple because you have to outrank your competitor, and to do this, you need to create a good content that will get your visitor attention when they visit your site through the search engine.

How To Rank For ANY Keyword Google

if your content is not good enough but you still manage to rank number one in Google with this tricks that am about to show, Google will move you to the next page because the searchers do not like your content. 

Here is the reason

if you rank number one in google, google will focus on you to know if the searchers are happy with your content. if the searchers visit your site through Google, you need to make sure your content grab their attention because if they bounce back to check out other results, then Google will notice this and they will bring you down to number 3, that means your content is not relevant. 

they will keep doing this until you move to the next page. so before you follow my tricks to rank for any keyword in Google, do some research to develop a good content, you don't want to waste your effort by trying to rank in google but still not getting any result.

Let Get Started

How to Rank number one in Google

I wanted to target the Skyscraper Technique keyword and see how well I can rank for it. so I go to google to see if I could rank for this keyword.

as you can see the first two position are taking by Brian Dean from and the third position is, while the fourth position taking by coshedule blog, what I want to do now is understanding. 

Why the post by Brian Dean is rank number one and why the post by blog.ahrefs and rank number three and four.

so am going to use the tools call Site Explore by to get some take way about why this post rank well in Google. 

I put all three article URL to site Site Explorer to compare the data behind them. here is the data of all three post

the first one is Skyscraper Technique by backlinkco, that article has 936 backlinks, that is a ton of backlink guys special for only one article. blog.ahrefs article that rank number three has only 139 backlinks, and the article on coshedule blog only has 61 backlinks

you can see the reason why backlinkco article is ranking number one in Google because they have 936 backlink point to the article, 

To say the fact, that is a lot of backlink for a single article guys. if you also take a look the referring domain, because is also has a huge impact on how while you rank.

backlinkco has 406 referring domain, while blog.ahrefs has only 30 referring domain and coshedule blog only has 18 referring domain. you can actually see the difference and the reason why Brian Dean article is rank very well in Google.

one more thing that you might want to compare is how all these people link to you, I mean which Anchors text they use while linking to your page. 

If you scroll down on the report called Anchors Cloud, you can see that for Brian Dean from backlinco the Skyscraper Technique keyword count for 34% of all backlinks. and backlink coming to the page is iLLustarte key points which is totally in relevant to Skyscraper Technique.

the last one is called coshedule blog, their anchor cloud is also Skyscraper Technique in 22% of all backlinks.

Now, the question is, how do I rank number one in Google

well, I don't think is possible to outrank backlinkco with that 936 backlinks with 406 referring domain, but if it was life and death for me to outrank Brian for Skyscraper Technique keyword, here is what I will probably do.

I will open the link report of ahrefs Site Explorer and try to get a link from every single domain where Brian has all link from so that the number of backlinks and referring domain of my article would a lot bigger that Brian has. that would definitely help me to outrank him.


that is how you rank number one practically for any keyword, you need to check who is ranking at the first spot, replicate all is link and then go get even some more. am not saying this's something easy to do but this's what will get you the ranking you need. I hope you like this article, feel free to drop your comment if you have any to say............Good Luck

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

MOST Profitable Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers

often time internet marketer and content providers we have the tendency to think that people are just sitting at their computers waiting for our next article, video, email or piece of content to come out. but this couldn't be far from the truth. now are days, we don't know where our visitors are, it could be looking an iPad on a train, looking at their phone at the restaurant with friends.

and the fact is that all traffic are not created equal. in this article, I will show you how to tap into the most profitable traffic source out there for affiliate marketers and content creator

Traffic Sources For Affiliate Marketers

you will notice that not all traffic is created equal, for example, let take a look at Twitter, what are people doing on Twitter, what is their mindset, 

all of this is about the mindset because if you can get inside the mindset of why people are doing what they are doing, you can make a lot of money. I will show you how.

So what are they doing on Twitter, are they looking for friend on Twitter, looking for things to tweet, are they looking for people follow, and we also have stuff like Pinterest, Pinterest in an interesting one because people are looking for photos, pictures, images, graph, they are not necessarily out there looking for what you have to sell or what you have to offer.

All of this is what we called 


This are people who don't know who you are, Now there is one type of Cold Traffic Source that I really like the best is 


this's where someone goes to Google and searches for something specific, for example, if I put a picture of a green pool on Pinterest and I say how to fix your green pool, most people on Pinterest don't really look for that, they don't really care about that. you might stumble across few people who are looking for the green pool, but they are not really looking.

however, if you go to google and get people who search for how do I fix a green pool or my pool turns green then you are getting someone actively looking for information. 

there is a way to make money on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram. so don't get me wrong. but it very passive, people on social media are not there actively looking for things.

now the people on Google are actively looking things, they are actively searching for solutions, the same thing happens with youtube, if you get listed in youtube search engine you are going to get people actively looking for you.

the problem here is this, people go to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, they create big following a lot of people. then you see him selling ads about $15, Twitter ads is about $15, you can also get cheap Facebook ads. 

the reason is that their traffic isn't valuable to them, they haven't created value.

the average youtube person is making about $1 per thousand views, that means that my entire youtube channel that I work very hard to build for the last 4 years is worth about $1005. my millions view and 12,000 subscribers will be worth on the average open market.

Now, how many of you guys wanna spend that time to make a thousand dollar, I didn't think so either.

that is why I want to tackle the right traffic method,

the fact is, I have actually made over $1000 X the average because I focus on people that I actively want to get. 

people that are actively looking for what I have to offer, this is known as 


Now, once I get traffic from Search Engine, I can say hey check out my Pinterest, facebook, twitter, so that I can keep pushing my message in your face every single day until you buy something or update, whatever.

1. My first traffic method is Search Engine Traffic.

this's where people come to you, we gonna target keyword, we target what they search for, we target what they want. 

I want you to really differentiate these between the social media people you have no idea what they want, you just know what they like, you just know what they are interested in and you are helping to get them. It is profitable but is a low numbers gain, you have to get a lot of traffic to make a little money.

But Search Engine Traffic, you can get a little bit of traffic and you can make a fortune, but you have to do it the right way.

Now let talk about the second most important method.

2. Email Traffic

this means that you email people who already know who you are. the more bonding you do with your market the more valuable every click is going to be.

So if my market knows me and they anticipant good stuff and they want to look at what am into they say hey I want to check out your blog post, I want to check out your videos, if they do that and click the email, this email traffic is going to worth a lot of money.

if you don't have anything going maybe you don't have any relationship with your market, they will not click your email or even care at all, so you have to make them care, you have to put good stuff out there.

first of all, if you want to build a business from the ground up, from not knowing what to do, you just have a niche and idea, the way to do it is with Search Engine Traffic. you can do this on google or youtube. 

But the fact is, there is a different mindset between someone just browsing facebook and someone actively searching for my pool is green what do I do or actively searching for a way to build a website and more.

Forget about social media for now, 

A lot of people talk about youtube subscriber, youtube subscribers are good,

but here is the deal. you don't know where they at.

youtube sends an email when you get a new video, but you don't know where they at, they could sit down on the toilet, they could be at a party, they could be checking their phone really quick.

I was at a concept the other day and there was a lady sitting in front of me she was scrolling her facebook so fast, no one could have read anything and that is your ads, your ads aren't even been seen. the fact is, we need to focus on people who actively searching for us. that is a direct response business.

for the affiliate marketer who wants to make quick money get your ass over to Search Engine, get some traffic, learn to convert,  WHY. Because Search Engine will teach you the real deal.

if you are doing pay per click search engine traffic and you are spending $0.30 a click, you need to convert that click otherwise, getting a thousand clicks is gonna cost a lot of money, so you need to learn how to convert.

someone send me an email saying I talk to people on facebook, twitter, I get followers, at the end of day people visit my site but no one buys anything, am not making any money. 

if you want to do this the right way and make money rather than just picking around on social media, get your ass out there, get some traffic learn to convert that traffic, learn to build an email list so you can get the second most valuable source of traffic.

Imagine you drive a thousand people, you say hey check it out we just made a facebook group or we went live on Pinterest, guess how long it gonna take to build the following, bum, overnight. because you already drive traffic to your email list.

The Goal here is to wake up every day and put yourself in front of many people as possible that can say yes to you. How many people that can say yes to your offer probably a lot. if you can get in front of the people who are willing and able to take action, then you win.

the fact is, you have to go for the right traffic and the right traffic is on the Search Engine, they are searching for you right now, they want to buy what you have right now, they are typing it in google right now. something like how do I get a date, you can show him how to get a date and go and sell ads for dating. 


The game here is, Whether you are on youtube, google, even if you are on social media, focus on people actively looking for what you have to offer. 

that is it for today folks, I hope to grab something from this article and if you do feel free to drop your comment.

2017 Search Engine Optimization Tips - To Improve Your Ranking

Today am going to be talking about free SEO traffic, for those who don't know. SEO means search engine optimization. this means, is optimizing your site to get rank in the search engine. am going to talk about these and show you how it works. when you go google or yahoo search, bing, or any other search engine, you are going to do a search in the box and you will see several results. and we want to look the result in two different segment

1. you are going to see advertisement, like ads by google or sponsored list, that is what we called per pay click marketing, those people are paying every time their ads is clicked on and visit their site, is a good way to get traffic but it really expensive if you don't know what you are doing.

2. below that sponsored list you are going to see the free all organic listed. that is what we are focusing on, The Free Organic

We called it organic because the nature of a search engine is to display result base on what people search for. google job is to give you what you want if you search for pita restaurant they will go and find pita restaurant in your local area. you search for food remedy they will find something related to food remedy. the better job they do of pleasing you as a searcher the more you are going to use their search engine and the more money they will make.

So, Google wants to make the searcher happy, they don't care about you, they care about the searcher. google, yahoo search, bing, care about what searcher think, It doesn't matter how good you think your site is, if searchers don't like your site, you are Out, is very important so keep that in mind.

All the update Google come out it. they come out with those update because they think whatever you are doing to get rank is not making searchers happy and not serving them a relevant result, is very important.

Now that we know what google, yahoo search, bing, the main goal is to keep searchers happy and make sure they get what they search for,

let talk about the way google, yahoo search, bing, rank site.

Sometimes if you do a search for something like Make Money or Mortgages, you gonna see hundred or million of result display.

which means if you want to rank for those words, you are now competing with hundred millions of people. now, some of this might be the people who are going after the word through search engine optimization. other people might have the word or phrase on the website.

We want to take a look at the most important factor when trying to rank, and number one factor is the one soo many people miss.

what am going to show you in this article is, how to get a result while waiting for ranking. sometimes it takes a while to build up the ranking and start to get traffic.

1. Go For The Right KeyWord

We are going to focus on the right keyword, instead of Make Money online, I find the word Make Money Online For Beginner. and instead of ranking for make money online, I rank for Make Money Online For Beginner and I was able to get pay every month.

what we are looking at here is that everyone is going for make money online and it going to make it more competitive. there is sub-category you can go for and maybe if I can get pay every month for Make Money Online For Beginner, maybe I can also get pay for Affiliate Marketing for Beginners or Seo Tips For Beginners.

I will have a better chance to build up the same amount of income than other people who is spending a lot of money to do the work for the big word make money online. 

So, the first key to make the organic ranking work is to go for right keyword, and once you find your keyword, 

there are two factor the search engine look at.

1. On Site Factor

On-site factor is you on your website saying this is what my website is all about, you are telling the world what your site is about. 

* you do this through content, 

* You do it through keyword. 

* You do it through your title tag, 

* Meta tag, 

* In content keywords, 

* Relevant words, 

* Pages on your site, etc.

Let say if am doing Make Money Online For Beginner, I will make a page about it, whether is WordPress blog, HTML site, whatever it's. 

* I will now want to use the keyword Make Money Online For Beginner in my Tittle, 

* Meta tag, if you are using WordPress you can do it with SEO plugin.

* In content keyword: I will use those keywords in my content much time and make sure it makes sense.

* Relevant Link: if we have another site for making money online tips then I will link to it, the more relevant page you have the more ranking you are going to get. 

Not only the search engine look at what you say about your site, the title, the meta tag, the in content, you can have the most perfectly optimized page. you have the right keyword, all you need to do is to have the right title and some content that is relevant that would make the searchers happy, remember is all about the searchers. 

if you gonna take about make money online tell them about making money online not dictionary stuff. look at the Intent, Why the searcher wants to learn how to make money online, if we are going for someone who is looking for how do I know if am acholic. we don't want to define the history on alcoholized and where is come from,

I want to give him some step, like hey guy answer this question and If you got 7 right then you probably not acholic. if they are looking for Resipys, they want the Resipy they don't want the history of Rresipy

2. Off Site

what the search engine looks at is off-site stuff, 

what do other say about you? this could be like yahoo news, directories listen, facebook, twitter, other blogs, forum, and a lot of this can be known as inbound links. those are linked coming into your site.

directories that link to your site would have a title, hopefully, the title is going to match your keyword. if the title matches your keyword. google will say hey yahoo directories said that mininly site is about making money online then Google will go to my site to take a look and say okay mininely site is really about making money online let rank him.

Google as what they called the Google Spider, in the old days it was called the Google dance. when Google spider came out he as many sites in his database like facebook, youtube, Google, CNN, whatever. now if your link was on this site, you will get pick up in the next round of Google spider, that is how it happens.

let say you have linked is on CNN or other site links to you then you will get pick up in the next round. what happening is that all this off-site stuff is what the Google spider is picking up.

let say my site is on CNN, Fox, facebook, yahoo, and those sites are talking about making money online and they are ranking for it. it'll help if your site is also about making money online. what we want to look at is that, all this stuff are working together and what you wanna do is to go for the right keyword.

Next Tips: Make your site about the keyword

So if am going for make money online, then I will get or something close to it. then I want to make sure my title of site or blog say make money online tips or whatever, then I want to make sure my meta tag or SEO plugin also say make money online and the content in the article has the word make money online, and when I upload an image instead of it been called image 0018920.jpg. I will rename it to make money online tips.jpg.

you want to make sure all the stuff on your site speak the same language and you will have the ranking, I know it seem like a big process and complicated. having the keyword is everything. google also look at youtube which is the largest search engine in the world. 

if you make a youtube video about making money online tips and in the description you put your link to your site, bum, overnight you will start to pick up.


Remember, Google does not have some Dude sitting on the desk to choose which site will rank better, What you say about your site is what you will get in the search engine,  Don't overcomplicated this, is actually very simple. I hope you learn something new from this article. feel free to drop your comment if have anything to say.......

Sunday, 9 July 2017

SEO for Beginners! Solutions You Can Try Today

Over the last 2 years I have done a lot of SEO and over this two years I discover that there is one thing and if you get this number one static correctly you stand a very good chance ranking for whatever keyword you are trying to rank for. so if you a beginner or newbie, this's the one thing you need to know to get those keyword ranking that you probably looking for today.

SEO for Beginners! Solutions

Here is the number one thing you have to get right with external SEO

as a beginner or newbie in SEO your tendency is to try to go after the big keyword, as a beginner I have done this before, I wanted to go for web host I thought it will be cool to go for web hosting but the problem is that about 10 million people are trying to rank for the word web hosting. so I change my mind to go for something else and that is affiliate marketing,

it's better to go for longtail keyword. you don't know what longtail keyword is. well, basically in my perspective Longtail word is something like 4 or 5 words that are less common to rank for, lower competition in other words. this's not what this tips about, I just want to make sure you know about it, so let move on.

instead, to rank for affiliate marketing, it will be better to rank for affiliate marketing for beginners, so to rank this affiliate marketing for beginners, I will use the method I called the Magic Three. and using this property the right way, you can sky rocking your SEO result and get traffic from them and also boost significantly of your blog.

this property are Tumblr, Weebly, and

SEO for Beginners! Solutions! You Can Try Today

this's similar to the private blog network, so we gonna be creating three mini blogs in one of each property and leveraging the social ranking power of all three of these to boost the ranking of our individual website

if I was trying to rank for the term affiliate marketing for beginners, what I will do is to head over to Tumblr, Weebly, WordPress and register my domain something like after registering the URL with the specific keyword you are trying to rank for, then write a post about 300 to 400 words on each of this property related to actual blog post you are trying to rank for and in that article link back to your main site with that keyword.

even if you have many keywords on your website, I know some people have a lot of category on the website, you can do this with any keyword on your site, just create a blog post and link back to your main website in that post using that specific keyword.

this three property for whatever reason have the magic power on google, google just love those site. not only you will get rank quicker but the actual link juice or linking power that you get to whatever you link too. is gonna be a significantly in hand. so focus on this three property.

you can build a better blog on each one of those sites that fill with good content, and it works a lot for getting external traffic. so quantity vs quality this days that is how you gonna get the best result.

alright, that is it for today folks, I hope you learn new tricks about ranking your web page in Google. feel free to drop your comment.